Video: The red hot burn that is testing F1 brakes

Hot, hot, hot. That’s what happens when something—like say, the wheel of an F1 car—is spinning so impossibly fast and then gets immediately clamped down by the brakes. It glows and pulsates a wonderful orange that looks like molten steel. This footage from Brembo testing their brakes shows how it all happens. »10/15/15 7:20pm10/15/15 7:20pm


Mad people test a tank's brakes in the most dangerous way possible

Step 1: Line up 23 Dutch lunatics in the middle of a road. Step 2: Get someone to drive a 62.3-ton Leopard tank at full speed on that road only to activate the emergency brakes just a few meters from the 23 lunatics. There's no step 3. Just pray that you don't end up with three thousand pounds of human jam. »1/27/14 9:02pm1/27/14 9:02pm