Umbuster Brass Knuckle Umbrella Now For Sale

The internet design concept phenomenon known as the Umbuster » 11/24/08 2:45pm 11/24/08 2:45pm has finally jumped out of that nightmare you have about an old man beating you to a pulp in the street into cold, hard reality. That's right—you can start using this umbrella to bust up rainclouds and jawbones right now for the equivalent of $287 (assuming…

Brass Knuckle Chair Punches Your Butt With Comfort

After a long night at the roadhouse, nothing beats regaining consciousness in the morning to a fresh cup of coffee in a brass knuckle mug (version 1 or version 2), then sitting down in your comfy Brass Knuckle Chair to ice down your wounds and unwind. Careful though, the upholstery is white—so you wouldn't want to… » 3/04/08 6:30pm 3/04/08 6:30pm

Brass Knuckles Cup: The Coffee Sucks? Wannafightaboutit?

You know how your coffee cup keeps getting stolen at work? Walk into the break room with this bad boy and firmly proclaim that "this sh*t is going to stop right now." You will feel like a real badass until the police arrive. The cup is a concept design from Simone Brewster, so it is not something you will be able to… » 12/21/07 8:40pm 12/21/07 8:40pm