Watch Bravo's Horrible New Tech Startup Reality Show with Us

At 10pm EST, Bravo's awful and totally hilarious self-parody of a Silicon Valley reality TV show, Real Startups of Atlanta, or some bullshit, premieres. We will be watching and liveblogging in Kinja. Related, we're also trying to fend off the impending apocalypse that this show is trying to usher in. »11/05/12 9:56pm11/05/12 9:56pm


The Best/Worst Parts of the First Clip from That Awful Silicon Valley Reality Show

Bravo has released the first clip from Start-Ups, its parody-rife reality show about Silicon Valley. Here is the rundown of the short scene in which angel investor Dave McClure looks over a pitch from brother-sister disruptin' duo Ben and Hermione (Hermione!) Way's rip-roarin' vaguely-purposed company, Ignite. It… »10/25/12 12:15pm10/25/12 12:15pm

Oh God, Bravo's Silicon Valley Show Looks Even Worse Than We Thought Ugh Why Help

If you watch the latest promo for Bravo's Silicon Valley reality show and think, hey these entrepreneurs failed actors are just stringing together tech buzzwords, it's because that's exactly what they're doing. The video is below, for those who have been sapped of any hope at a fruitful life. »10/08/12 3:21pm10/08/12 3:21pm