The World Now Has a Perfect Copy of Christ the Redeemer Made By Drones

Nobody's ever been able to make a perfect copy of Christ the Redeemer, the towering statue of Jesus that watches of Rio de Janeiro. That's largely because the sculpture is sitting on the top of a craggy hill near a windy coastline. What to do? Call in the drones. » 2/18/15 10:25am 2/18/15 10:25am

São Paulo Is Running So Low on Water People Might Be "Warned to Flee"

São Paulo is Brazil's largest and wealthiest city, a bustling concrete jungle of 11 million people. Now imagine the city going for days without water for drinking, bathing, or cleaning—it's a dystopian scenario not far from São Paulo's reality thanks to a water crisis made worse by drought. » 2/17/15 1:30pm 2/17/15 1:30pm

The First Entirely Plant-Based Plastic Milk Carton Is Now on Shelves

This month, anyone in Finland who buy a lactose-free skimmed milk drink called Eila at the supermarket will buying the world's first carton made entirely out of plant-based plastics—right down to the cap. » 1/22/15 6:07pm 1/22/15 6:07pm

Brave girl fishes piranhas holding a piece of raw meat with her hand

Watching this Brazilian girl fishing piranhas barefoot made me cringe. Watching the water boil when the piranhas devour a piece of raw meat she is holding inches away from them made me cringe a bit more. But watching her doing it with such ease is what impresses me the most. » 1/08/15 6:15am 1/08/15 6:15am

Sony Was Hacked in February and Chose to Stay Silent

Sony says the recent breach of its servers and weeklong cyber humiliation is an "unprecedented" strike and an "unparalleled crime." If they're shocked by these events, they've been shocked for almost a year: leaked emails obtained by Gawker show security troubles dating back to February. » 12/11/14 6:10pm 12/11/14 6:10pm

Welcome to Brazil, Where a Computer Bug Condemns a Man to Death 

The first computer bug, the story goes, was a moth squashed inside an old electromechanical computer. In Terry Gilliam's Brazil, one such bug gets stuck in a printer, resulting in a typo that leads to the killing of poor innocent Archibald Buttle, a cobbler, rather than alleged terrorist Archibald Tuttle. » 11/17/14 8:28pm 11/17/14 8:28pm

Brazilian Vigilantes Used WhatsApp to Warn People of a Coming Massacre

Following a police shooting in northern Brazil, people started getting messages. On WhatsApp, they were warned to stay indoors that night. Some of the WhatsApp messages were texts, though the most popular was an audio file with a dire warning: "Don't go to Guama, Canudos or Terra Firme tonight. It concerns your… » 11/11/14 9:52am 11/11/14 9:52am

Brazil Is Keeping Its Promise to Avoid the U.S. Internet

Brazil was not bluffing last year, when it said that it wanted to disconnect from the United States-controlled internet due to the NSA's obscenely invasive surveillance tactics. The country is about to stretch a cable from the northern city of Fortaleza all the way to Portugal, and they've vowed not to use a single… » 10/30/14 11:30am 10/30/14 11:30am

A 1000-Foot Tower Is Being Built in the Amazon to Track Climate Change

In a remote stretch of the Amazon rainforest, a skinny steel tower will soon rise over 1,000 feet into the sky—higher than the Eiffel Tower, way higher than the trees. The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory is a joint effort by Brazil and Germany to figure out exactly how carbon dioxide fluctuates inside the South American… » 9/15/14 2:51pm 9/15/14 2:51pm

10 of History's Deadliest Construction Projects

The Panama Canal opened 100 years ago this month, one of the greatest engineering achievements in history. It was also one of the greatest sacrifices of human life in the name of construction, but tragically, it was far from the most deadly project in modern history. » 8/28/14 10:09am 8/28/14 10:09am

The New Branding For Rio 2016 Looks Like a Very Friendly Amoeba

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the Olympics, and millions more watch them. So there's a lot riding on the way a city presents them, from advertising to stadiums. Rio just revealed what its 2016 Games will look like, and they've done a great job—not just because no enterprising internet perv has compared it to… » 8/06/14 12:37pm 8/06/14 12:37pm

How Vacant World Cup Stadiums Could Be Turned Into Housing

The World Cup ends this weekend, leaving Brazil with the heady task of deciding what, exactly, to do with the 12 stadiums that were built or converted for games. Two architects have published a proposal to convert the stadiums into something Brazil desperately needs: Affordable housing. » 7/11/14 1:40pm 7/11/14 1:40pm

This "Brazil World Cup riot" picture is actually from 2013

» 7/08/14 5:32pm 7/08/14 5:32pm

Idiot driver misses motorbike by inches and plunges off edge of road

This point-of-view video captures some terrifying Brazilian driving, as a car overtakes a lorry, narrowly avoids wiping out a bike and then plunges off the edge of the road. Miraculously no one suffered any serious injuries. » 7/03/14 7:41pm 7/03/14 7:41pm

This Site Turns Each World Cup Game Into a Graphic Design Smackdown

If it hit you this weekend that maybe, possibly watching soccer isn't really your thing, perhaps this is your way to get a piece of the World Cup action: See how two designers visualize each match in a poster created during the time it takes to play each game. » 6/18/14 2:00pm 6/18/14 2:00pm

Three World Cup Stadiums That Are Actually Good For Brazil

The 12 stadiums currently seeing World Cup action are not created equal. The dozen venues for the games are a mix of something old, something new, something temporary that will be taken down after the last goal is kicked. And not all of them have turned out to deliver the hopes and dreams promised (a few aren't even… » 6/14/14 10:00am 6/14/14 10:00am

Why Would Any Country Host the World Cup?

There should be a sense of pride and revelry overtaking the nation of Brazil, where the World Cup starts today. Yet residents in cities across the country are protesting with transit strikes and tent occupations, hoping to draw attention to the extreme costs and unfinished facilities stunting the sluggish economy. » 6/12/14 1:40pm 6/12/14 1:40pm

One Year After Snowden, What's Really Changed?

Father's Day is here again, but this year, dad won't be getting an exciting bucket of leaks from Edward Snowden. No, instead we all get to look back on a year of NSA revelations and wonder what's actually changed. The truth is, depressingly little. » 6/05/14 10:40am 6/05/14 10:40am

Explore All 12 World Cup Stadiums (No Riot Gear Required)

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the known universe. The only thing is Brazil is a long trek for most of us, and, y'know things around the world cup tend to get a bit... rowdy? Well, Google Maps is bringing Street View to all twelve of the stadiums, so you can explore them from the convenience/safety of… » 6/05/14 3:01am 6/05/14 3:01am

The Trouble With Rio: Can the City Be Ready By 2016?

With just over two years to go until Rio kicks off the 2016 Olympic Games, Olympic officials are taking stock of how ready Rio really is. The short answer? They're not. But how far behind are its preparations? And can the city possibly catch up in time? » 6/04/14 10:20am 6/04/14 10:20am