Bold Machines: MakerBot Founder Bets Big on 3D Printing's Next Wave

When Bre Pettis, the co-founder of MakerBot, began his company in 2009, the mission was clear: make 3D printing accessible. Five years later, the company has sold tens of thousands of printers and joined forces with the industry stalwart Stratasys. Now that these creation machines are (relatively) financially… » 9/22/14 5:18pm 9/22/14 5:18pm

MakerBot Founder: 3D Printing and the "Next Industrial Revolution"

You can 3D print just about anything, from dresses to snowboards to a human face. A big part of the reason 3D printing is closing in on the mainstream is thanks to MakerBot, which is equipping anyone with an imagination—and $2,200 for a MakerBot Replicator—to print the physical manifestations of their dreams. » 5/01/13 12:52pm 5/01/13 12:52pm

Watch Stephen Colbert Meet His MakerBot

It's always a treat when Colbert gives face time to the geeks—or in this case to a handful of geeky 3D-printed versions of himself. If you didn't crave a MakerBot before, you will after experiencing the Colbert teddybear. » 6/09/11 9:14am 6/09/11 9:14am

Retro Illustrations Show 30 Ways To Die From Electrocution

Sometimes, we so take for granted our shiny devices that we forget they could very well kill us. Need pictures to illustrate that macabre thought? Here are 30, brought to you by 1930s Vienna. » 12/17/08 4:00am 12/17/08 4:00am