Watching baking bread rise is almost pornographic

The smell of baking bread is like the universal language for neck-breaking, nose-enlightening deliciousness. It’s impossible not to smile to yourself at the idea of fresh bread. It’s everything good in the world, it’s possibility, and it’s just damn good to eat. And watching bread bake in a timelapse? Who knew that… »9/09/15 6:50pm9/09/15 6:50pm


How to make bread like they did 2,000 years ago

Way, way back in 79 AD, a baker put a loaf of bread into his oven and then Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city. The oven was found and opened in 1930 during excavations and the recipe has been recreated by chef Giorgio Locatelli. He uses buckwheat flour, which was more readily available then, and re-creates the… »8/07/15 6:52pm8/07/15 6:52pm

Watching the amazing skills of this baker is almost hypnotizing

Do yourself a favor and watch the video below. It's such a joy to see someone enjoy his job so much. He bakes bread, tosses flour, massages dough, slices open holes and even cleans and takes out the trash with so much energy that he looks like a kid bouncing around in a playground after lunch. So much fun. »12/12/14 2:06am12/12/14 2:06am

This restaurant might have the best bread and butter in the world

The bread and butter at Razza Pizza Artiginale is made by James Beard Rising Star Chef semi-finalist Dan Richer. He's the chef behind the restaurant and might be more obsessed with bread and butter than any person on the planet. This video shows how he made his restaurant's bread and butter the most delicious. »7/16/14 1:39am7/16/14 1:39am

Those Plastic Bread Ties Tell You What Day Your Bread Was Baked

I never knew those plastic clips that hold a bag of bread together actually had a purpose. The most commonly used system is the one above, where Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow (alphabetical order) tell you which day it was actually baked, Monday through Saturday. Not every bread company does this, but next time you… »3/05/11 11:00am3/05/11 11:00am

Toast Mattress Perfect For Hot, Buttery Afternoon Delights

Sure, Wilson, there is plenty of information out there today on flat toasters, but what about mattresses that look like toast? You didn't consider that, did you? Well, worry not, because I'm here to serve up this toasty, delectable looking 6' by 7' Inflatable Toast Mattress to top off our crispy brunch coverage for… »4/20/08 4:00pm4/20/08 4:00pm