Hubble's 486 Backup Computer Wakes Up For the First Time Since 1990

Prospects were starting to look pretty grim for the venerable Hubble telescope. Following a communications breakdown » 10/16/08 5:51am 10/16/08 5:51am, the Hubble team postponed their scheduled repair mission from October 14th until , at the earliest. Until then, the Hubble's usable data transmission abilities were dependent on one thing: the…

Hubble Telescope Communication Breaks Down, Plot Thickens

The complicated Hubble repair and upgrade mission » 9/29/08 8:55pm 9/29/08 8:55pm scheduled for October 14th just got even more complicated: Last Saturday, the Hubble's command and data-handling system broke down, rendering it unable to capture and transmit images to Earth. And while Nasa doesn't know what the heck has happened—I'm thinking a bunch…

Sony's OLED TV Stripped Naked For the World to See

You already saw the unboxing, but that was like thumbing through a Victoria's Secret catalogue. For the real hardcore stuff, you have to see this gorgeous XEL-1 OLED with its downright obscene 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and sexy 3mm frame without any covering whatsoever. Don't tell us it doesn't turn you on. Hit the… » 12/10/07 8:40pm 12/10/07 8:40pm