How To Cook Breakfast Over A Campfire Like A Pro

Forget instant oatmeal, in the outdoors you should be eating like a king. Here's how to cook the breakfast of bearded champions: bacon, eggs and fried potatoes over a campfire. » 9/30/14 4:11pm 9/30/14 4:11pm

Breakfast burger replaces bread with freshly glazed apple fritters

The Wake-n-Bacon Burger tries to solve my weekly brunch dilemma: Sweet or savory? The proposal is interesting: "Sandwiched between two warm and freshly glazed apple fritters, sits a maple bacon-wrapped beef patty, draped with melty cheddar cheese, and drizzled with a caffeinated maple, espresso syrup." » 5/16/14 11:02pm 5/16/14 11:02pm

A magic pancake stacking robot machine is why technology exists

You can have your iPhones and iPads and Androids and laptops and smart watches and Google Glass and fitness trackers and wearables. Have it. Take it all away. I only want this magic pancake stacking robot in my life. It's the only reason we invented technology. » 3/24/14 10:18pm 3/24/14 10:18pm

Animals in Unbelievable Detail Drawn Entirely in Pancake Batter

We've probably all made a few pancakes in amusingly shaped blobs, but Nathan Shields takes pancake to a whole new level of art. The illustrator, former math teacher, and stay-at-home dad makes pancakes with his kids that range from Star Wars tributes to portraits of Isaac Newton to animals painted in stunning… » 2/28/14 4:20pm 2/28/14 4:20pm

This Grapefruit Sectioner Might Be the Most Specific Kitchen Gadget

No longer do those wanting to eat healthy at breakfast have to live in fear of the backlash from the grapefruit they're digging into. This Citrus Sectioner replaces your spoon with a purpose-built contraption that safely and easily removes a wedge from your favorite morning fruit—minus any geysers of blinding juice. » 9/27/13 5:20pm 9/27/13 5:20pm

Why the Hell Doesn't McDonald's Serve Breakfast All Day? (Updated)

Look, say what you will about McDonald's — they know how to do breakfast. The Egg McMuffin is such a perfect packet of good-morning deliciousness, I swear Ronald McDonald must've cut his burger-flippin' teeth in the kitchen of a roadhouse diner. But unlike my favorite diners, where breakfast is a Constitutional right… » 8/10/13 9:50am 8/10/13 9:50am

All Signage Should Be as Smart as This Hyper-Local Wayfinding Kiosk

We've already got smartphones with GPS radios, data connections, and mapping software that can tell us where we're supposed to go. Why on earth would we need additional smart devices in the world to help us get around? Quite simply because sometimes the smart gadgets in our pockets aren't hip to what we want to… » 6/05/13 12:40pm 6/05/13 12:40pm

The Brunch Cocktail That Puts Bloody Marys to Shame

It's springtime, at last. People are smiling, showing a little more skin, and your favorite brunch spot has opened its outdoor seating area. But don't reflexively reach for that Bloody Mary. It's a new year. It deserves a new cocktail. » 4/26/13 5:00pm 4/26/13 5:00pm

The Image Toaster Brings Google Images to Your Breakfast

We live in the future, so chances are you've got all manner of gadgets flashing and beeping at you to remind you what's happening on any given day. But your toast isn't in on all that fun. And why shouldn't it be? If you had something like the Image Toaster, it could be. And maybe someday you will. » 3/16/13 7:00pm 3/16/13 7:00pm

Bring the Drive-Thru to Your Kitchen with this Instant Breakfast…

Breakfast sandwiches are one of the best ways you can start the day (taste-wise, at least). But they tend to be logistically difficult. Either you've got to take the time to carefully assemble one, or pay some scruffy, minimum-wage employee to make one for you. Hamilton Beach's Breakfast Sandwich Maker merges the… » 3/04/13 1:00pm 3/04/13 1:00pm

This Incredible High-Speed Ticker Board Mimics Your Motion

Just a few avenues over from New York's Penn Station where an old electro-magnetic ticker board displays train arrivals and departures the designers from Breakfast have installed a modern take on the ticker on Harold Square at 6th Avenue and 32nd Street. Watch this video, it's absolutely hypnotic. » 7/19/12 6:20pm 7/19/12 6:20pm

A Fat Breakfast Will Hit Your Hips in Three Hours

Fancy a big breakfast? Think again: scientists have shown that the fat content will go straight to your hips in no time at all. » 5/14/12 6:48am 5/14/12 6:48am

Turn Your Instagrams Into Polaroids From 3PM-6PM at Gizmodo Gallery!…

Instagrams are amazing, but there's something...intangable about them. If you swing by the gallery from 3pm-6PM today, we'll be making them into real-life prints using Instaprint—the location-aware photobooth for Instagram. » 12/08/11 11:00am 12/08/11 11:00am

Gizmodo Gallery's Instaprint: Turn Your Instagrams Into Polaroids

If only there were a way to get a real-life print of the sweet Instagram photos you take as you march through life. What? There is a way? And it's gonna be at Giz Gallery? Shut the front door. » 12/03/11 12:47pm 12/03/11 12:47pm

Toaster Griddle Is the Perfect Appliance for Lonely Breakfasts

If you roll out of bed by yourself in the morning in an empty apartment, breakfast for one doesn't always have to be just a bowl of cereal. Nostalgia Electric's griddle packing toaster has just enough room to fry up a couple of eggs or a single pancake. » 11/02/11 3:20pm 11/02/11 3:20pm

Lucky Charms Sifter Gets Straight to the Sweet, Sweet Point

Lucky Charms would be one of the finest foods ever created—if only the actual cereal bits weren't pooping on marshmallows' tasty parade. Thankfully, Thingiverse user Tom Lombardi invented a solution for this age old problem. Enter the Lucky Charms Sifter. » 10/22/11 4:40pm 10/22/11 4:40pm

Buttered Pancake Floor Pillows Are My Next Furniture Choice

Man, these pancake pillows look delicious AND absurdly comfortable. They even come with pats of butter! Designers Todd von Bastiaans and Bryan McCarthy have accomplished two things: complete my bedroom decor; and make me want breakfast. $600 each. [Unica Home via Neatorama] » 9/27/11 2:20pm 9/27/11 2:20pm

Breakfast Is Most Delicious Floating at 1000fps

It's getting to the point where I'm not sure there's anything not improved by slow motion. Even one of the most lavish—and most brutally upended—breakfast spreads I've ever seen. Will nobody think of the bacon? » 5/17/11 12:20am 5/17/11 12:20am

This Is the Delicious Breakfast That Shuttle Astronauts Had Today

Two grilled lobster tails, one baked potato, butter and sour cream. That's what Mike Fincke—USAF Colonel and STS-134 Mission Specialist 1 in the space shuttle Endeavour—had for his "send off" breakfast today, just before the launch. » 5/16/11 9:38am 5/16/11 9:38am