The side-by-side visual similarities of Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction basically influences anything that’s good. And Breaking Bad drew influence from a lot of good things before it. But I never realized how similar they were when I was watching and obsessing over Breaking Bad because when you put some scenes side-by-side, you will see shots that clearly pay tribute to the… »10/23/15 2:00am10/23/15 2:00am


Breaking Bad expertly recreated with GTA V graphics is just fantastic

That’s it. GTA V is such an amazing world that it can be used to create anything. Let’s make movies and full seasons of TV shows using just GTA V graphics because this is just stunning. Here is a Breaking Bad tribute done completely with GTA V and it sums up a decent amount of the series pretty well. »5/16/15 11:00am5/16/15 11:00am

Watch the new trailer for Breaking Bad's prequel Better Call Saul

None of the previews for Better Call Saul have done much to convince me to watch the show yet (I'm watching it anyway because anyone who loved Breaking Bad will) but that's mostly because most of the previews for the show barely had any footage of the show. This latest spot probably shows off the most. »12/23/14 1:07am12/23/14 1:07am

Tribute video for Breaking Bad makes me want to watch it all again

After seeing this excellent tribute video by Alexandre Gasulla of Walter White, one of the greatest characters ever created, his character's transformation, one of the greatest stories ever created, and Breaking Bad, one of the greatest TV shows ever created, I want to watch the entire series over again. That might be… »4/29/14 10:30pm4/29/14 10:30pm

Some Guy Turned Each Episode of Breaking Bad Into Its Own Dope Poster

It's been five months since one of the greatest shows ever to grace the small screen has gone off the air, but if you're one of the many rapt Breaking Bad fans, you're probably still pretty deep in mourning. Fortunately for you, Hungarian designer Zsolt Molnár (Zsutti) decided to pay homage to the meth-loaded… »2/20/14 5:00pm2/20/14 5:00pm

Breaking Bad Creator Admits Illegal Downloads Helped the TV Show

Breaking Bad, a TV show permanently sculpted onto television's Mount Rushmore, whipped itself from a critically acclaimed yet not exactly ratings dominant TV show into THE bizz-bizz-buzzy pop culture phenomenon of the year as the series raced to its end. How did it happen? According to Breaking Bad's creator Vince… »10/18/13 9:31pm10/18/13 9:31pm

Apple is refunding people who bought the second half of Breaking Bad's Season 5 on iTunes with $22.9

Apple is refunding people who bought the second half of Breaking Bad's Season 5 on iTunes with $22.99 of iTunes credit. Season 5 of Breaking Bad was split into two parts which meant people had to pay twice for what was nominally the same season which caused people to grumble. Not anymore! [9to5Mac] »9/23/13 11:20pm9/23/13 11:20pm

You Can Buy Walt's Tighty-Whities (And Other Props) From Breaking Bad

Upset that Breaking Bad is about to end? Feel like you're losing an abusive, meth-hocking friend? Everything's going to be ok—thanks to auction website ScreenBid, you can soon fill that empty space in your heart with "the most iconic tighty-whities in television." That's right, Walter White's underwear—along with a… »9/23/13 1:20pm9/23/13 1:20pm