You Can Play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search and It's Awesome

Google is famous for the Easter eggs stashed in its products. What seems an ordinary interface reveals itself to be something else entirely with the right set of keystrokes. This newly discovered gem might be one of the most entertaining we've ever seen. Head over to Google Image Search and punch in a query for "atari… » 5/13/13 6:11pm 5/13/13 6:11pm

A Brief History of Strange Prison Escape Tools

The recent Taliban prison escape was undeniably crafty. But especially noteworthy was the creation of the 320+ meter tunnel without power tools, which would have been too noisy. Here are six other great escapes, and the gear that made them possible. » 4/25/11 5:19pm 4/25/11 5:19pm

Breakeroids for iPhone

Asteroids has always been a little too frenzied for me—there's nowhere to hide!—and Breakout, Blackberry classic though it may be, can get a little bit tedious. Breakeroids, a Frankenstein-style combination of the two, strikes a highly playable, deliciously neon balance. » 2/09/11 6:40pm 2/09/11 6:40pm

What is it?

Breakeroids, $2, iPhone The… » 2/09/11 6:40pm 2/09/11 6:40pm

Bally Pong Makes Gambling Even More Addictive

Atari's Pong is stealing our quarters once again, recently approved for use in a slot machine made by Bally: "Bally Pong." A cabinet decorated with chrome fixtures and retro fonts will be a pretty standard 5-line slot, though featuring two knobs for the 1-in-70 occurrence of a 45-second Pong minigame. And while… » 7/29/07 11:30am 7/29/07 11:30am

WSJ Pulp Skim: Stuffy Suits Addicted to Blackberry's Brickbreaker

The WSJ writes about suits who are addicted to more than thumbing their Blackberries, losing sleep and productivity to the handheld's built-in game, Brickbreaker. They play 'em in board meetings, and they play 'em on conference calls, and they worship the masters who can rack up over a million points. » 2/20/07 6:36am 2/20/07 6:36am

Live From CES: Gibson Digital Hands-On

Gibson is twanging about its digital guitar, and we spent some time strumming it today. This thing is amazing. It's a standard Les Paul axe with an RJ45-out instead of the usual amp line. Along with the classic pickups, it's got a HEX pickup (patent applied), which is really six discreet pickups (one for each… » 1/06/06 4:50pm 1/06/06 4:50pm