Scientists Create Flat Breasts on a Chip for Breast Cancer Research

That's a breast on a chip. Why? Because though it looks like a slide, it actually accurately mimics the branching mammary duct system of a breast, where most breast cancers begin. That's key for cancer research since scientists can now test new approaches for treatment, like magnetic nanoparticles. It sounds insane: » 2/23/11 9:20pm 2/23/11 9:20pm

Fight Breast Cancer With Three Pink Gadgets

On account of October being the official Breast Cancer Awareness month, here are three gadgets you can purchase to help the cause. The 6GB USB Seagate HD, the Pioneer Inno, and Sanyo 3100. They're all pink, and all go great with your pink PSP, pink PS2, and Pink albums. Do your part to squeeze out boob cancer! » 10/02/06 6:45pm 10/02/06 6:45pm