This Table Detects Breast Cancer Using Sound Waves, Not X-Rays

Traditional mammography machines—besides being uncomfortable—rely on ionizing radiation to image a patient's breasts. And as all we all know, radiation ironically increases the risk of cancer developing. So a company called Delphinus Medical Technologies has developed a safer alternative called the SoftVue which… »1/17/14 1:20pm1/17/14 1:20pm


World's biggest ball pit is a sea filled with one million balls of fun

If you're wondering where heaven on Earth is, it's in China. Surprising, I know. But it's undeniable after you see this ginormous pink and green ball pit found at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai. It's the world's largest ball pit and stretches over 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. The pit is filled with the amazingness of… »10/31/13 8:01pm10/31/13 8:01pm

The Best Breast Cancer Scanner Might Be a Souped-Up Sports Bra

Cancer is easier to defeat the earlier it's detected. And while getting a weekly mammogram to catch breast cancer in its earliest stages is impractical, wearing a smart sports bra that's just as effective at early detection isn't. So First Warning Systems' Breast Tissue Screening Bra has the potential to revolutionize… »10/10/12 1:40pm10/10/12 1:40pm

Would You Ever Let a Doctor Touch Your Breast With This Weird Glove?

The video above demonstrates the second prototype of the Med Sensation breast exam glove. Developed by, er, students at Singularity University, the glove is stacked with sensors, which are supposed to give doctors unprecedented feedback while performing breast exams. In theory that could lead to better results and… »8/23/12 1:40pm8/23/12 1:40pm

We've Been Treating the Deadliest Form of Breast Cancer All Wrong

One of the worst things you can hear from you doctor is that you, or a loved one, has "triple negative" breast cancer. It stubbornly refuses to respond to the best treatments available, so doctors have to resort to chemotherapy. It strikes 16 percent of breast cancer patients, most of them younger than 40. But we may… »4/04/12 1:00pm4/04/12 1:00pm

Scientists Create Flat Breasts on a Chip for Breast Cancer Research

That's a breast on a chip. Why? Because though it looks like a slide, it actually accurately mimics the branching mammary duct system of a breast, where most breast cancers begin. That's key for cancer research since scientists can now test new approaches for treatment, like magnetic nanoparticles. It sounds insane: »2/23/11 9:20pm2/23/11 9:20pm

Cue Shower-Timer Prompts Women To Health-Check For Breast Cancer

As well as letting you keep an environmentally-friendly eye on your time in the shower, Cue from Avie Products is specifically designed to remind women to check their breasts each month. Like those cheapo shower radio designs, it suckers on to the wall of your shower cubicle and then each month, seven days after your… »10/20/08 8:15am10/20/08 8:15am

Robot Prototype Finds, Attacks and Kills Breast Cancer Cells

Here's one in the plus column for the looming robot uprising: a prototype developed by University of Maryland professor Jaydev Desai could one day diagnose, hunt, and destroy breast cancer cells all in one sitting, and in a much more efficient manner than we ham-handed human beings.The beauty of this prototype is that… »10/12/08 2:30pm10/12/08 2:30pm