You Can Buy Breast Milk Icecream in London For $22 a Bowl

We've seen cheese made from breast milk, but icecream? That's a little too close to home for me. If the thought of mother's milk appeals to you, you can hotfoot it to the Icecreamists parlor in London's Covent Garden, which is selling the Baby Gaga bowl of icecream for £14 ($22). » 2/24/11 8:40am 2/24/11 8:40am

Magic Massage Bra Enlarges Breasts

Oh Pangao, you got me at "Enlarge female's breast obviously: Pangao breast enhancer can stimulate female's breast, accelerate blood circulation and activate cell renewal and hormone secretion through physical massage with forceful vibration balls inside." YES! » 6/16/09 12:40pm 6/16/09 12:40pm