Booze-Tracking Bluetooth Breathalyzer Counts Down Your Return To…

An experienced imbiber has a pretty good idea of when they'll return to the land of the sober based on what type, and how much hooch they've consumed. But if you need a more detailed ETA on when you might be able to drive, walk, or even stand again, the BACtrack breathalyzer connects to a smartphone app for a more… » 4/24/13 8:45am 4/24/13 8:45am

Alcohawk Professional Grade Breathalyzer

Digital breathalyzers aren't new by any means, but with the biggest drinking holiday merely a week away (New Years, dummies) it is important to remind anyone that plans on consuming this coming week to carry around one of these handy devices. This isn't one of those cheap one-time-use breathalyzers that you can pick… » 12/26/06 3:26pm 12/26/06 3:26pm