The Mint Breathalyzer Can Detect Both Dehydration and Bad Breath

The term breathalyzer is most commonly associated with a device used by law enforcement to measure someone's blood alcohol content after they've been pulled over. But with a few tweaks made to the chemicals used in a breathalyzer's sensor, the device can also be used for detecting other problems. Instead of measuring… »1/05/15 8:03am1/05/15 8:03am


Booze-Tracking Bluetooth Breathalyzer Counts Down Your Return To Sobriety

An experienced imbiber has a pretty good idea of when they'll return to the land of the sober based on what type, and how much hooch they've consumed. But if you need a more detailed ETA on when you might be able to drive, walk, or even stand again, the BACtrack breathalyzer connects to a smartphone app for a more… »4/24/13 8:45am4/24/13 8:45am