Breville Grind Control Review: Can Full Auto Satisfy a Coffee Geek?

As much as I love the ritual of my daily manual pour-over, even a coffee geek like me sometimes wishes for an easier method. There are a few great automatic coffee machines out there, but the Breville Grind Control features a built-in burr grinder—an essential device for great coffee. It promises high quality with as… »7/01/15 4:04pm7/01/15 4:04pm


This Magical Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Can Sense the Perfect Ice Cream Texture Every Time

There's a reason why they call ice cream, ice cream. Too much iciness and it feels like you're sucking flavored water, too much creaminess and it feels like you're suffocating on a stream of condensed milk. I'm not saying they're not delicious but texture plays with ice cream. That's why you need the Breville Smart… »9/05/12 9:05pm9/05/12 9:05pm

Breville Compact Juice Fountain Review: Fast. Efficient. Delicious.

Is it the bacon backlash? Juicing, once reserved for Jack LaLanne devotees and hippie health nuts, is suddenly de rigueur. But for all of the nutritional benefits that fresh juice promises to deliver, home juicers have never been worth the investment. The usual suspects are high-priced, hard to clean and hog up… »5/08/12 12:20pm5/08/12 12:20pm

Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer Debuts in Shiny Stainless

If you're no longer content with the simple Senseo, now you can get the Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer, a single-cup coffee maker completely covered in stainless steel. Hey, it even has a backlit LCD screen that gives it that extra high tech goodness. At $299, it aims to please with a charcoal filter for… »10/24/07 9:25am10/24/07 9:25am

Breville iKon CT75XL Toaster: Lifty Looky, and It's Right Tidy

Even toasters are getting in on the purdy design act, and this four-slice model, the Breville iKon CT75XL, lets you "lift and look" at the bread to see how well it's done without resetting the timer. It also has swank-looking backlit LCD controls, and is made of what the company calls "quadruple-pressed hand-brushed"… »11/29/06 4:50pm11/29/06 4:50pm