The Future of Apple, According to Its Biggest Fans

Also known as the entire technology press amirite? Ha? In all seriousness though—Maclife asked various bloggers, journalists and tech personalities what their dream Apple products would be, and mocked them all up in detailed renders. Here's what happened: » 11/20/09 10:46am 11/20/09 10:46am

Ruin Halloween For Everyone by Going as Brian Lam or Jason Chen

Someone has made a collection of masks of bloggers for Halloween, and our own Lam and Chen are included. Finally, Halloween is legitimately terrifying. [CostumePop via The Daily What] » 9/25/09 10:40am 9/25/09 10:40am

How NOT To Dress for an Apple Event. Or Anywhere Else

Maybe it's OK if you are shopping for crack in New Jersey, but that's Señor Commanderino Brian Lam waiting to get into the iPhone keynote at Apple's headquarters, 45 minutes ago. [photo via Ars Technica] » 3/17/09 12:53pm 3/17/09 12:53pm

Have You Ever Broken a Keyboard By Typing Too Hard?

Lam is a disgusting person, and this is his disgusting keyboard. He claims the damage was done by "typing too hard." I claim that he's just a dirty man.
[Blam: Idiot, its not buildup, its the keys being worn down.] » 3/10/09 11:30pm 3/10/09 11:30pm

The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES This Year

You thought we'd make it through all of CES without a prank? You underestimated us. And this one might be worse than last year. Don't watch this if you have a delicate constitution. » 1/09/09 5:37pm 1/09/09 5:37pm

Hobomodo Review: I Sold My Identity for Free TiVo Cookie Cutters

As an intern for Gizmodo, hobomodos have become my favorite part of our daily gadget deals: my marketing information in exchange for free TiVo cookie cutters? It's yours before you can even say "leaky faucet." » 12/26/08 10:30pm 12/26/08 10:30pm

Gizmodo Sues The Onion for Libel, Asks Drew Curtis for Legal Advice

LAKE TAHOE, Nevada (Agencies) — Popular technology blog and cocktail bar guide Gizmodo has sued leading international newspaper The Onion for libel, following the latter recent article on Microsoft Corp.'s (MFST) Zune 2 MP3 player's roaring success. » 12/23/07 4:00pm 12/23/07 4:00pm

World's Besta Meata Balla at Cedia 07

CEDIA wasn't all work and no play, as Gizmodo Chief Blam shows us the best way to eat the world's best meat balls. These happened to be some of the tastiest we've ever had, perfect in every way. It's unusual to be served press room food that's this damn good. Bravo, Denver, the food is superb here! Wish we could say… » 9/07/07 5:49pm 9/07/07 5:49pm

Gizmodo's Brian Lam on The Daily Show

Our own Brian Lam was interviewed by The Daily Show's Rob Riggle last night about his experience with the iPhone, somehow resisting Riggle's rugged, masculine charm despite some pretty heavy advances. If you missed it on Comedy Central, you can witness the zenith of Brian's life thus far above. Go Brian go! » 6/29/07 9:42am 6/29/07 9:42am

George Lucas Shooting Star Wars Ep 7 At D5 Party?

Here's George Lucas playing director at last night's fifth annual All Things Digital kickoff party in Carlsbad, CA. Yes, that's right, Lucas is holding what appears to be a Flip Video camera which apparently belongs to event co-producer Kara Swisher, the woman to the Jedi master's immediate right. You know, we knew… » 5/30/07 10:40am 5/30/07 10:40am

My Birthday Wishes

I'm 30 today. I woke up this morning and went for a jog up to Twin Peaks. I noticed how much harder it is to run with an extra couple of inches on my waist. Then I looked down and realized it could be the gigantic Halo 3 Zune in my hand. I got back to the apartment, thankful for the kind weather and the rare chance to… » 5/23/07 6:01pm 5/23/07 6:01pm

Brian Lam on Cranky Geeks Today!

Hey folks, our Brian Lam is on Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak today, chatting about hairstyles, gadgets and wearing underwear on their heads. Make sure to tune in at 12:30 PST (that's in 10 minutes!) to see Brian sweaty from running all the way to downtown San Francisco from his apartment in that getup. » 5/09/07 4:15pm 5/09/07 4:15pm

Brian Lam, Cool Geek of the Week, is Clearly Less Cool the Rest of the…

Brian Lam, our lovable whip-cracking taskmaster, was interviewed this week as the Cool Geek of the Week over at BornRich. He waxes poetic on everything from what gets him amped about running Giz to what gadget Saturday night would be if Saturday night were a gadget. It's a fun peek inside the warped mind of our… » 5/04/07 1:40pm 5/04/07 1:40pm

Gizmodo Gets Timed: Our Own Brian Lam Does a Q&A

Time Magazine really likes the Giz, giving us two mentions in as many days. Who could blame them? We read Gizmodo at least 25 times a day. » 8/15/06 3:46pm 8/15/06 3:46pm