Would a 1 Gbps Internet Connection Stop You From Saying Comcastic?

Comcast is such a tease. The cable internet provider set up an 11-mile gigabit network that can download 23 episodes of 30 Rock in less than two minutes. Exciting? You betcha. Coming soon to your home? Probably not. » 6/17/11 1:18am 6/17/11 1:18am

Inside the Mind of the Dark Lord of Broadband, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts

If you didn't catch this month's delightfully ad-light issue of Wired, check out their profile of "the Dark Lord of broadbrand," Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. His calm demeanor reminds me of Palpatine, the Chancellor. [Wired] » 1/26/09 11:50am 1/26/09 11:50am