Apple's 'Brick' is a Revolutionary Aluminum Manufacturing Process?

9to5 Mac has gone on record as saying that the rumored Apple Brick isn't a product, but a manufacturing process that can make high quality aluminum shells. The "brick" part comes in because the supposed technique carves these MacBook casings with lasers and high pressure water jets out of bricks of aluminum, making… »10/04/08 7:12pm10/04/08 7:12pm

CIA-Style Hide and Seek: Exploding Notebooks, Suicide Needles, Rectal Tool Kits and More

The freakiest thing about reading CIA gadget lore is that it's all real. The nerds working for the agency's Office of Technical Services were always devising and building gadgets to get people out of—or into—difficult situations. Here's a rundown of crazy stuff from the Spytech book, not necessarily stuff you'd carry… »5/23/08 7:30pm5/23/08 7:30pm

Apple Says Unlocked iPhones Will Brick After Software Update - What Does It Mean?

Not only are certain Apple stores voiding the warranty on hacked and unlocked iPhones, Apple's just released a statement saying the unlock process coupled with a future iPhone update may make your phones a useless brick. Apple "strongly discourages users from installing unauthorized unlocking programs," because the… »9/24/07 6:53pm9/24/07 6:53pm

Dealzmodo: LaCie Brick 300GB External Hard Drive, $110

There isn't anything cooler than Legos, am I right? We've known about LaCie's Brick Hard Drives Enclosures for quite some time now. has a 300GB LaCie Brick external hard drive for $120 after $40 of instant savings. Use Google Checkout to pay to receive an addition $10 off. Shipping is free. You'll be the envy… »10/27/06 12:31pm10/27/06 12:31pm