You'll Never Find The (Unofficial) Oldest Bridge In New York City

The picture above is not, unfortunately, the oldest bridge in New York City. It's a picture of the Manhattan Bridge, arguably the prettiest in the area, under construction in 1909. While that's plenty old, it's still not the oldest bridge in New York. Not by a longshot. And you'll never find it. » 8/09/14 2:34pm 8/09/14 2:34pm

20 Stereograms That Bring the Great Bridges of the 19th Century To Life

In the early decades of photography, stereoscopy was a very popular technique for creating the illusion of depth in photos. These early "3D" images must have seemed like magic, and photographers wasted no time documenting the wonders of the day in this glorious new format. The boom in bridge-building technology… » 6/02/14 9:00am 6/02/14 9:00am

1980s Architects Wanted a Restaurant On Top of the Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge has spanned the East River since 1903, connecting what's now Brooklyn's most notoriously hip(ster) neighborhood to Manhattan. In the 1980s, the bridge was in serious disrepair—and architects wanted to replace it with a mirror-finish masterpiece topped with a restaurant. Imagine the view! » 5/10/14 10:00am 5/10/14 10:00am

The Plan to Keep People From Jumping Off the Golden Gate Bridge

More people have committed suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge than on any other structure in the world—someone jumps from the bridge to their death about every two weeks. But those figures could be dramatically reduced if a proposed suicide-prevention barrier is installed later this year, as advocates hope. » 4/17/14 3:20pm 4/17/14 3:20pm

Homeless New Yorkers Are Living Inside the Manhattan Bridge

We've all heard of the lengths to which NYC's homeless have gone to find shelter, from living in abandoned factories to building whole encampments inside subway tunnels. But a report from the New York Post goes one step further, describing how people are now making homes out of small nooks and crannies between the… » 4/14/14 4:40pm 4/14/14 4:40pm

China's Suspension Giant Is 3,500 Feet Longer Than the Brooklyn Bridge

The Yangtze River is the third longest in the world, and it's served as a critical artery in the beating heart of China's economic boom. It's also incredibly wide at points—which has forced China to become a top contender in the race to build the most advanced long-span bridges in the world. Taizhou Bridge is… » 11/19/13 2:42pm 11/19/13 2:42pm

Transforming the Old Bay Bridge Into a Park for Adventure Tourists

Now that the new Bay Bridge is here, what to do with the old one...? Is the slow and expensive demolition of the iconic structure really the best or even most cost-effective answer? A handful of local proposals have emerged, both earnest and speculative, hoping to find perhaps at least some useful future for the now… » 9/26/13 5:40pm 9/26/13 5:40pm

Does This Buckling Bridge Hint at Larger US Infrastructural Woes?

Green Bay drivers were treated to an unwelcome surprise yesterday, when the discovery of a dramatically sagging pier on the heavily trafficked Leo Frigo bridge (named after a cheese magnate, because Wisconsin) forced its indefinite closure. The incident coincided with a new AP report about the deteriorating state of… » 9/26/13 3:01pm 9/26/13 3:01pm