This Is Definitely the Classiest Portable Barbecue You'll Ever See

Outdoor cookouts can get a little grubby, a little dirty, a little messy—that's part of their charm, for some folks. If, however, you are searching for the classiest damn DIY al fresco dining experience of all time, look no further than this impossibly tidy Mon Oncle barbecue set. It actually comes in a briefcase. » 3/11/14 5:00pm 3/11/14 5:00pm

This Innocuous Briefcase Lets You Stealthily Graffiti City Streets

Nothing builds up your street cred like some strategically placed graffiti. The problem is, unless you're out tagging in the middle of the night, you're at risk of getting caught in the act. And for an artist like Bob Partington, who works in the medium of spray paint and public property, that's a problem—so he… » 9/16/13 3:40pm 9/16/13 3:40pm

This $6,000 Bullet-Proof Attaché Will Keep Your Documents Way Safer…

Say you've got some really important documents—like the meaning of life scrawled on a napkin, or a viable method of time travel in the margins of a newspaper—and someone really wants to shoot them for some reason, like a bunch of times, with a gun. You better hope they're in the Tegra-Lite Bulletproof Attaché. » 9/16/12 12:00pm 9/16/12 12:00pm

High-Voltage Briefcase Pikachus Would-Be Thieves

Still handcuffing a Samsonite to your wrist? This isn't the '80s and you're no Pablo Escobar, stop it. Prison bracelets are passe, so unless you want to get downright brutal with your assailant, the Super Safety Suitcase can provide the same security with just a little jolt. » 3/20/12 10:00pm 3/20/12 10:00pm