OLED Room Lights Nearer as BASF, Osram Break Brightness Record

OLED »11/25/08 9:45am11/25/08 9:45am technology keeps getting cooler: first there was the "" invention, and now there's news that BASF and Osram have broken the brightness record. For the first time a white OLED has achieved an efficiency of over 60 lumens per Watt, plus the device's light output falls within the international Energy Star SSL…


Osram Pushes White LEDS to World-Record Brightness, Super Efficiency

It's an interesting week in the world of LEDs: on the weekend we heard about ultra-cheap ones, and today Osram (yes, the lightbulb people) has news that they've pushed white LEDs to world-record brightness. By optimizing the diode, light converter and the package, their lab test squeezed 500 lumens out of a single LED… »7/22/08 4:33am7/22/08 4:33am