Don't Blow Up Satellites, Catch Them in Gigantic Blankets

Sure, explosions are great and everything, but isn't there a more gentle way to catch errant satellites and missiles? There sure is, according to a recent patent from SVC solutions. Rather than blow them up, we can just wrap them in a giant blanket and parachute them to Earth! Yes, it's so stupid it comes right back… »2/21/08 1:32pm2/21/08 1:32pm

Water Pistol Umbrella Makes the Rain a Hell of a Lot More Fun

Holy crap, this is the coolest umbrella I've ever seen. It's got a little funnel at the top that sends rain water down the handle into the water pistol grip at the bottom. It'll keep you dry and give you the opportunity to get others wet at the same time. It appears to be just a concept at the moment, but someone… »11/08/07 6:40pm11/08/07 6:40pm