Beautiful video reveals the secrets of a watchmaker

Put on your headphones and enjoy this fascinating view over the shoulder of a watchmaker, full of beautifully crispy closeups of the manufacturing and assembly of a Nomos Glashütte watch. I only have one complaint: I wish it weren't three minutes but five hours long—my autonomous sensory meridian response was off the… » 4/08/14 2:11pm 4/08/14 2:11pm

Official Gmail Goggles Add-On Prevents Shameful Drunken Emailing

My new favorite Googler Jon Perlow has used his 20% time (that portion of it he doesn't spend hammered, apparently) to write Gmail Goggles, an official Labs add-on that makes sure you really want to send that 3AM email to your ex-girlfriend. Goggles employs five arithmetic problems that appear after pressing send (you… » 10/07/08 8:52am 10/07/08 8:52am

Super iPod Pillow is Plusher than Plush, Plays MP3s

Let us salute creative types who are super-brazilliant at hacking MP3 players and have a bit of time on their hands, because this is what they can come up with — a super iPod that is 50 times bigger than the real thing, and that probably won't break when you drop it. There's a gallery below, but you can catch all the… » 11/26/07 7:42am 11/26/07 7:42am