The Power Went Out At This Antarctic Research Station While It Was -67F

It's been a very, very cold winter in Antarctica, with scientists reporting record lows all over the continent. Which makes the fact that researchers living on the Brunt Ice Shelf lost power for 19 hours even scarier. Today, the British Antarctic Survey announced it's halting all science until the situation gets… »8/06/14 6:15pm8/06/14 6:15pm


Talk to the Antarctic Explorer Who's Drilling Through Miles of Solid Ice

This November, a team from the British Antarctic Survey will spend three days boring through two miles of Antarctic ice sheet into a small sub-glacial lake in search of wildly new forms of live. They'll be able to do so thanks to a unique hot water drill designed and built, in part, by Mechanical Engineer Andy Webb. »8/20/12 12:00pm8/20/12 12:00pm