Paratroopers fill the sky in awesome photo

Here’s a really cool photo showing US Army and British paratroopers jumping out of C-130J Super Hercules airplanes in a line at Fort Bragg. It was the largest jump exercise in 20 years at Fort Bragg and there are so many paratroopers filling the sky that it looks like a floating human wall (okay, a fence?) has been… »4/24/15 8:45pm4/24/15 8:45pm

Soldier Uses Body to Shield Comrades from Grenade Blast, Survives Thanks to Backpack

When a British soldier on patrol in Afghanistan set a rigged grenade off by mistake, his first thought was for the safety of his comrades. So, in order to protect them, Lance-Corporal David Croucher dived on the grenade and turned on his side, with only a backpack—containing a first-aid kit, 66-millimeter rocket and… »3/30/08 7:00pm3/30/08 7:00pm