Britney Spears Surfs PlentyOfFish Dating Site in Her Latest Music Video

Some critics are calling Britney Spears' latest single Hold It Against Me "genuine art." Others, "a total visual assault." All I know is that the song is the pits, and that she's accepted a lot of product placement moolah from companies including Sony and the PlentyOfFish dating site. Yep, the very same site that… »2/18/11 7:00am2/18/11 7:00am


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Abused by Britney Spears in New Video

Thanks to about a million tips, I've been forced to sit through the new Britney Spears music video for "Womanizer" because the flashy Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 'Tube' makes an appearance. The phone is used to take a picture of a ridiculously be-wigged Britney before she violently attacks the photographer and slams his… »10/11/08 12:30pm10/11/08 12:30pm

Gizmodo How To: Recreate Britney's Head-Shaving Weekend Meltdown

Click to viewIn case you missed the tabloids this weekend, Britney Spear committed the most pathetic of self mutilation acts, the spontaneous, emotionally-driven head shaving, quickly followed up with a bit of tattoo parlor action. Here's the right combination of gadgetry so you can meltdown just like America's… »2/19/07 3:04pm2/19/07 3:04pm

Divorced By SMS: The Exact Moment K-Fed Gets Britney's Text Message Caught On Video

This video apparently shows the exact moment that Kevin Federline gets the SMS from Britney telling them that it's over. According to the video, cameras were following him around the entire day in order to conduct an interview, part of which was him gushing about his wife and kids.

At about 1:46, you can see as… »11/08/06 8:30pm11/08/06 8:30pm