8K (Yes, 8K) Broadcasts Just Took a Major Step Forward

Back in May of 2012 the NHK's science & Technology Research Lab in Japan successfully broadcasted an 8K, 7680x4320 signal over a distance of 2.7 miles using UHF frequencies. As a proof of concept it showed that 8K TV could be successfully delivered to televisions over the air, but it lacked the distance of traditional… » 1/21/14 9:40am 1/21/14 9:40am

How Far in Space Can Radio Broadcasts Reach?

Apparently our radio broadcasts can be listened to in a "space bubble" 200 light years in diameter. That's huge! But when you compare it to the rest of the Milky Way, um, not really. So just know when you're hoping an E.T. will find you through your radio broadcasts, he has to be within that bubble to hear you. God,… » 2/07/11 11:00pm 2/07/11 11:00pm