Broadcom Wi-Fi Chips to Have Skyhook Wi-Fi Positioning Built-In

Broadcom already makes a boatload of the GPS chips found in mobile phones and other location-aware gadgets, and now they're adding Skyhook's Wi-Fi positioning service to most of their mobile Wi-Fi chipsets, spreading the location-based love even without GPS. This is how iPhone regular finds your location in addition… »10/01/08 1:40pm10/01/08 1:40pm

Ex-Broadcom Chief Accused of Spiking Tech Execs' Drinks, Having More Blow Than Scarface

Henry Nicholas, co-founder of integrated circuits manufacturer Broadcom, has just been charged with spiking the drinks of other technology execs and maintaining a warehouse full of coke, meth and ecstasy. This is the latest incident for Nicholas, who in July 2007, was accused of constructing a sex cave so he could… »6/05/08 8:15pm6/05/08 8:15pm

Afternoon News: Sharper Image Cellphones, Cancer-Detecting Mouthwash and More

• Sharper Image is now selling four unlocked Windows Mobile cellphones. The top of the line model has a 2MP camera, touchscreen, Bluetooth, tri-band, and GPRS, but sadly no ionic air-purifier or back massager. [Uber Phones]
• A new smart plug from the UK will reduce energy consumption by turning off gadgets that are… »1/02/08 3:59pm1/02/08 3:59pm

Broadcom's Latest 3G Chip Has Longer Life, Cheaper Costs, iPhone Potential

Broadcom's latest 3G HSUPA BCM21551 chip is a bigger deal than its somewhat dry press release indicates. The all-in-one 3G chip is both cheaper and has a "very long battery life" when compared with current 3G chips, which have the problem of sucking your phone's battery faster than an unclogged shower drain. The new… »10/15/07 2:49pm10/15/07 2:49pm