Broadcom Wi-Fi Chips to Have Skyhook Wi-Fi Positioning Built-In

Broadcom already makes a boatload of the GPS chips found in mobile phones and other location-aware gadgets, and now they're adding Skyhook's Wi-Fi positioning service to most of their mobile Wi-Fi chipsets, spreading the location-based love even without GPS. This is how iPhone regular finds your location in addition… »10/01/08 1:40pm10/01/08 1:40pm

Ex-Broadcom Chief Accused of Spiking Tech Execs' Drinks, Having More Blow Than Scarface

Henry Nicholas, co-founder of integrated circuits manufacturer Broadcom, has just been charged with spiking the drinks of other technology execs and maintaining a warehouse full of coke, meth and ecstasy. This is the latest incident for Nicholas, who in July 2007, was accused of constructing a sex cave so he could… »6/05/08 8:15pm6/05/08 8:15pm

Afternoon News: Sharper Image Cellphones, Cancer-Detecting Mouthwash and More

• Sharper Image is now selling four unlocked Windows Mobile cellphones. The top of the line model has a 2MP camera, touchscreen, Bluetooth, tri-band, and GPRS, but sadly no ionic air-purifier or back massager. [Uber Phones]
• A new smart plug from the UK will reduce energy consumption by turning off gadgets that are… »1/02/08 3:59pm1/02/08 3:59pm

Those wildfires in Southern California are getting dangerously close (as close as 100 yards) to some

Those wildfires in Southern California are getting dangerously close (as close as 100 yards) to some of our favorite companies, as Sony, HP and Broadcom have shut down business for the day and evacuated their offices. Some employees have or will lose homes to the fires, which frankly sucks balls. Stay safe guys! [KUSI] »10/22/07 6:44pm10/22/07 6:44pm

Broadcom's Latest 3G Chip Has Longer Life, Cheaper Costs, iPhone Potential

Broadcom's latest 3G HSUPA BCM21551 chip is a bigger deal than its somewhat dry press release indicates. The all-in-one 3G chip is both cheaper and has a "very long battery life" when compared with current 3G chips, which have the problem of sucking your phone's battery faster than an unclogged shower drain. The new… »10/15/07 2:49pm10/15/07 2:49pm