What's the Most Broke-Ass Piece of Technology You Still Use Every Day?

I'm not sure there's anything more frustrating than tech that promises you every feature and widget and benefit you could want, delivers them, but then also just breaks all the time. We all have our love-hate tech relationships. What's yours? » 1/27/15 6:30pm 1/27/15 6:30pm

A Delightful Supercut of Movie Characters Abusing Broken Tech

Scoff as we may, we've all been there before. One of your gadgets starts acting up and, even though you know it's wrong, banging on it with your fists just feels so right. Why, even TV and movie people do it—a lot, actually. Vimeo user Duncan Robson was kind enough to round up the best belligerent-tech-smashing-clips… » 9/24/13 4:20pm 9/24/13 4:20pm

This Is How You Respond to Rumors

Don't hand your iPhone to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. During an interview on Finnish TV show Hjalliksen kanssa, an interviewer made exactly that mistake and is short one functional iPhone for having made it because Elop threw that sucker on the floor. » 3/22/13 12:20pm 3/22/13 12:20pm

DirecTV Sunday Ticket for PlayStation 3 Fumbles, Fails to Convert and…

Have NFL Sunday Ticket? Watching it on a PlayStation 3? Sorry, are you attempting to watch it on a PlayStation 3? Apparently it isn't working very well. DirecTV is currently "troubleshooting" and a number of key features are deactivated. [DirecTV] » 9/11/11 4:25pm 9/11/11 4:25pm

The Gizmodo vs. Deadspin iPhone Repair Contest: If It Ain't Fixed,…

Seems like everyone's carrying around a battle-scarred iPhone 4 these days—after all, they're made of glass. This is news to our jocky sister-site, Deadspin—they're convinced that their jocky readers break their phones worse than the Giz Gang does. Bullshit. » 7/07/11 1:31pm 7/07/11 1:31pm

The New York Post Blocks Mobile Safari Vistors from Accessing Their Web…

"You shall not pass!" booms Gandalf the Grey as mobile Safari visitors arrive at the New York Post web site this weekend. Sorry, correction: That's how it played out in my head. Reality is more mundane and mostly annoying. » 6/19/11 11:00am 6/19/11 11:00am

Why Was Nearly Every Yahoo Search Suddenly Resulting in Porn?

Uh oh! Something very odd and naughty is going on over at Yahoo right now. Any searches which result in thumbnails will wind up showing you an unrelated and rather pornographic image. » 12/14/10 9:21pm 12/14/10 9:21pm

Your Marriage Will Destroy Your Television

You didn't misread that headline. Your marriage—and wearing a loose-fitting wedding ring while playing Kinect—can destroy your television. » 11/25/10 11:00pm 11/25/10 11:00pm

Google Tool May Have Wrong Polling Place Locations for Hundreds of…

Google's polling place locator was supposed to make your life easier by guiding you to the appropriate polling place so that you can vote. The only trouble? It may have guided you and hundreds of thousands to the wrong place. » 11/02/10 9:00pm 11/02/10 9:00pm

iOS 4.1 Security Flaw Puts Your iPhone's Information At Risk

No, you're not reading an old story. There really is yet another serious iOS security flaw which allows someone to access information on your supposedly password-protected iPhone. » 10/25/10 8:40pm 10/25/10 8:40pm

TV Cameraman Keeps Filming After A Baseball Bat Smacks His Gear

We've seen what happened when a golf ball gently bounced off a camera lens, but what happens when a baseball bat is violently flung toward a very expensive camera? And more importantly: What happens to the guy holding the gear? » 10/20/10 10:20pm 10/20/10 10:20pm

Nasty Phrases Are Slipping Into The Official White House Website's…

A man visited the official White House website to send a message to President Obama. At the bottom of a form he was asked, as part of the automated verify-you're-a-human process, to type two squiggly words. The words? "Rape Baracks." » 10/08/10 6:40pm 10/08/10 6:40pm

Tiger Woods Shoots Golf Ball Directly At Photographer's Camera

Mail on Sunday photographer Mark Pain probably didn't know whether to cheer or cry after taking this photo. On one hand, he snapped a great picture. On the other hand, he might be about to face an angry Tiger Woods. » 10/03/10 8:00pm 10/03/10 8:00pm

I'm Tired Of Being Lied To By Volume And Battery Indicators

Battery and volume indicators are the bane of my existence—they never work as expected! Sure, there are complicated issues at work such as logarithmic scales and perception, but those excuses don't ease my headache. [Reddit via Geekosystem] » 9/29/10 10:40pm 9/29/10 10:40pm

Rumor: New iPhone 4 Antenna Design Coming Late September

An executive at a Mexican cellphone carrier Telcel claims that Apple has a revised iPhone 4 coming late September that fixes the annoying antenna problems everyone's seen with the original model. » 8/31/10 1:07pm 8/31/10 1:07pm

Navy Lost Control of Drone Over D.C. Due To "Software Issue"

Oh, here's something. You know those "drones" that are supposed to be the "future of warfare." A software malfunction caused the Navy to lose control of one for half an hour earlier this month, letting it joyride over Washington D.C. » 8/26/10 9:00am 8/26/10 9:00am

Using Your Jailbroken PS3 Online Will Send the Sony Cops Your Way

As tempting as it might be to jailbreak your PS3, you really probably definitely shouldn't. Because when you do, Sony can detect the software ID the jailbreak program uses, and ban your PS3 remotely. According to a PS3 Hacks posting: » 8/23/10 5:41pm 8/23/10 5:41pm

Apple On Latest iOS Exploit: "We're Aware Of This Reported Issue, We…

We've discussed the exploit affecting iOS devices and that it should theoretically be a simple fix, but now Apple has gone on record and said that it has a solution already: » 8/04/10 7:36pm 8/04/10 7:36pm