Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Headaches Edition

In today's Remainders: headaches. Microsoft's browser ballot is a headache for the little guys; CereProc talks about the painstaking process of rebuilding Ebert's voice; WiMax taxis in Taiwan get me a little steamed; a magical migraine-diminishing wand, and more. » 3/05/10 4:20pm 3/05/10 4:20pm

Microsoft's Impartial, Antitrust-Friendly Browser Ballot Screen

You may have forgotten about it, but Microsoft got in to a bit of trouble with the European Commission for anti-competitive practices (including force-feeding customers IE). Microsoft's plea bargain was to add other browser options alongside its own. » 2/19/10 8:59am 2/19/10 8:59am

Mozilla Whines About Apple Being First in Microsoft's Web Browser…

After getting cornered by the European Union, Microsoft offered a reasonable solution to the web browser monopoly dilemma: Let users choose whatever browser they want. Now, the developers of Firefox are whining about who's first in the web setup screen. » 10/16/09 1:00pm 10/16/09 1:00pm