Rabbit Lets You Watch Videos With Friends, No Matter Where They Are

Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube all let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want. But if you wanted to watch with friends or family, you had to figure out when and where to meet in real life. Rabbit fixes that with a browser-based video chat service that lets you watch whatever you want with friends, no matter where… » 8/19/14 9:55am 8/19/14 9:55am

Chrome Panic Button Is the One Chrome Extension You Definitely Need at Work

If you read a bunch of websites that do not relate to your work whatsoever while you're at work, well, here's the one chrome extension worth downloading: Panic Button. It quickly hides all of your open tabs in Chrome and lets you open them up all later. Like, when your boss isn't around. » 10/11/12 10:20pm 10/11/12 10:20pm

Google Chrome 2 Released With Much Faster Rendering, Full Screen

Chrome 2.0 isn't that different from Chrome 1.0, despite what its bold new version number might imply. It is, however, a healthy upgrade: rendering speed is up a full 25-35%, stability is improved, true full-screen has been enabled, and the smart New Tab Page and autofill functions have been revamped. Mac and Linux… » 5/22/09 4:58am 5/22/09 4:58am

IE 8 Could Get "Porn Mode": Would it Change Your Mind About IE?

What is the best way for IE to gain market share back from Firefox? Porn. That's right-when it comes to the internet, the answer is always porn. You know it, I know it, and apparently Microsoft knows it because there are rumors floating around » 8/19/08 8:40pm 8/19/08 8:40pm that they may incorporate a private browsing feature, a.k.a "porn mode,"…

ICANN Opens Door For Crazy Domain Names Like Crap.Crap

ICANN has just made a decision that goes beyond allowing .xxx to be a top level domain; they're allowing all words to be top level domains. That means you're going to see domains like fuck.shit, shit.shit, shit.fuck, whatisthisshit.fuck, and so forth. What's not allowed is domains that conflict with trademarks (.pepsi… » 6/27/08 5:40pm 6/27/08 5:40pm