A peek at Crimea's controversial election day, Philly widens freeways by mistake, and does Austin, Texas, have a drinking problem? Plus, the incredible story behind Rio's most famous monument, and the truth about earthquakes in L.A. Come along with us on this week's Urban Reads. » 3/18/14 6:20pm 3/18/14 6:20pm

How to Print Keys to Any Lock

Apple software engineer Nirav Patel wanted to create something useful with his 3D printer, so he designed a system that generates any key from any lock from any manufacturer using just the lock code. Lol, what? » 5/31/11 9:40pm 5/31/11 9:40pm

Are Gadgets Getting Plainer or Will Crazy Hardware Design Come Back?…

We all know minimalism is currently king in the gadget design world. Fancy shapes, switches and knobs have been eschewed in favor of clean and simple designs that take a backseat to interface. So we asked Fake Steve Jobs, Bruce Sterling, Daniel Will-Harris and Yves Behar whether or not they thought there would be a… » 7/22/08 3:00pm 7/22/08 3:00pm