A Giant Blue Screen of Death on a Jumbotron Is Always Funny

The dreaded BSOD is always annoying and never funny... unless it's on a giant jumbotron at a basketball game. At a Pacers game in Indiana, the biggest BSOD popped up on Bankers Life Fieldhouse's giant hanging screen for everyone to see. And to laugh at. And to tweet about. And to remember how awful and sucky that BSOD… » 3/13/13 9:30pm 3/13/13 9:30pm

Gas Pump Blue Screen of Death is Poo Poo Inducing

Seeing a Windows blue screen of death is fine, if annoying, if you're just balancing your checkbook, but what if you see it in more...precarious situations? Like when you're pumping gas? Reader Dave saw this at a San Diego Shell station, after which he bravely continued filling up—but not without hiding his face… » 11/20/08 9:00pm 11/20/08 9:00pm

Make a Grown Nerd Cry with the BSODomizer

The high-lariously named BSODomizer is a little gadget that interfaces between a computer and monitor to display an image at either random intervals or when triggered by an IR remote control. The best use of this kind of toy, of course, is reminding Windows devotees like myself that the nerld-famous (nerd world) BSOD… » 11/01/08 11:00am 11/01/08 11:00am

iTunes 8 Windows Vista BSoD Quietly Fixed by Apple

Apple's posted the solution » 9/12/08 12:27pm 9/12/08 12:27pm for when they connect an iPod to iTunes 8: Uninstall iTunes and Mobile Device Support, restart, and then re-download. Wha? It looks like a crappy driver , so they've silently replaced it with an older version from iTunes 7.7 that won't kill your system. Try it, let us know if it works. []

BSoD Repeatedly Strikes Nine Inch Nails Concerts

BSoDs have been plaguing NIN on their current tour. In fact, one has been popping up on the giant display behind them at just about every concert. So what's the deal? Will Trent be forced to fire his tech guy? Hardly. The truth is that it is all part of the act. The BSoD pops up for a split second near the end of the… » 9/11/08 10:43am 9/11/08 10:43am

iTunes 8 Causing Huge Problems, BSOD for Vista Users

Looks like iTunes 8 is really not playing so well with Windows. Users of both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista are reporting » 9/10/08 2:57am 9/10/08 2:57am getting the blue screen of death whenever they plug in an iPod or iPhone. Downgrading back down to 7.7 appears to solve the problem, but not without some weird, but easily fixable, app-erasing hijinks.…