How the addictive magic material known as bubble wrap is made

You can have your graphene or your insane non-flammable fabric or some NASA space material, magic material to me will always be bubble wrap. It's catnip for humans with souls and the process to make it is pretty fascinating. It starts with resin that is vacuumed out and heated to create a film and used to trap air. » 10/07/14 1:23am 10/07/14 1:23am

Animals like to pop bubble wrap just as much as we do

Few legal substances are as addicting and therapeutic as popping bubble wrap. It's catnip, eucalyptus leaves, coca leaves, maple syrup, honey and coconut water combined into a transparent, air filled plastic sheet. Humans lose hours to get the quick fix of popping every last air bubble. It turns out animals, like this… » 2/17/14 11:17pm 2/17/14 11:17pm

Mugen Pop Pop Infinite Bubble Wrap Toy Hits the US

The previously Japan only Mugen Puchi Puchi » 10/30/08 10:30pm 10/30/08 10:30pm bubble wrap toy is now available in the US for $5.99. It's available in four colors: cold sore pink, pea soup green, dying of exposure blue and cadaver grey. It's fun, yes, but the sound effect unfortunately doesn't sound all that much like the *POP* of a real bubble wrap…

Bubblewrap Calendar Lets You Pop Your Life Away, One Day at a Time

I haven't met a single soul who doesn't like popping bubblewrap, and now there's BubbleCalendar, a full printed calendar that uses the bigger, more satisfying bubbles. And that might all be very neat and stress-relieving... but I have misgivings. Doesn't the expiry of another day of your life, disappearing into the… » 7/08/08 5:10am 7/08/08 5:10am

Bubble Wrap Curtains (Verdict: Ghetto Classy)

If you're looking for a cheap but aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious way to both tantalize your neighbors and keep them from peeping all the goods, we can't think of a better way than bubble wrap curtains. Hell, we even have real curtains and we might put some of these up instead. If we can resist… » 7/17/07 3:33am 7/17/07 3:33am