9 Cocktails Made With LaCroix, a Sparkling Water With a Cult Following

The perfect warm weather drink is an elusive unicorn. Light and tasty? Refreshing and boozy? It’s hard to achieve all of these things in a single glass. Luckily, I have the answer. It’s time to give your summer cocktails a makeover with the zany fruit-essence flavors of LaCroix sparkling water. » 7/17/15 6:20pm 7/17/15 6:20pm

This bubble magician totally has secret powers

This dude figured it out. While the rest of us foolish adults stopped playing with bubbles after the 4th grade, Su Chung Tai kept on going and became awesome at it. So awesome that he holds Guinness World Records for bubble blowing and can pull of tricks that probably involve sorcery and a heavy control over the… » 3/11/15 8:29pm 3/11/15 8:29pm

Exploding Giant Bubbles Will Never Get Old

Though we can never be in awe of bubbles like we once were, we can still have fun with them. Lots of fun! And the easiest way to have more fun with bubbles is to go bigger and add in slow motion to capture the exploding bubbles. When you see these giant bubbles get popped in the park, they disappear instantaneously.… » 10/08/13 8:30pm 10/08/13 8:30pm