Watch These Cute Soap Bubble Vortices Help Us Understand Deadly Storms

These swirling vortices look an awful lot like the satellite weather images we see every day, but in fact they're the beautifully intricate surface of a soap bubble—which could help researchers understand the storms that threaten millions of lives every year. » 1/29/14 7:30am 1/29/14 7:30am

Watch These Dry Ice Bubbles Turn Into Swirling Alien Planets

It doesn't take a genius to realize dry ice is awesome, and with Halloween right around the corner, you're bound to be seeing a lot of it. But did you know dry ice bubbles can be used as a practical effect to make whirling, churning alien planets? » 10/20/12 1:00pm 10/20/12 1:00pm

Add Bubbles to Any Booze Without Watering It Down

Bubbles are amazing. They seem to make any drink (or bath) more fun, more refreshing. Ever wish you could carbonate your whiskey, or wine, or mixed drink without diluting it with watery, zero-percent-alcohol liquid? The Perlini System by Perlage was built to do just that. Oh hell yes. » 5/11/12 5:00pm 5/11/12 5:00pm

Extremely-Hyped Startup Fails to Live Up to Extreme Hype

Months before a grilled cheese sandwich raised $10 million in funding, the iPhone app Color was the tech bubble doomsayer's startup of choice. The company raised a staggering $41 million in funding for a non-existent photo-sharing service nobody really understood. So, where is it now? Take a guess. » 6/20/11 11:05am 6/20/11 11:05am