Hydroelectric Bucket Will Gladly Help You Miss the Point of Camping

Sam Redfield of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group has designed a bucket-based hydroelectric generator that can be made with easily obtainable, affordable parts. The "pico generator" is intended to provide a modest power supply suitable for home lighting and small appliances to remote destinations.… » 6/27/08 7:45pm 6/27/08 7:45pm

Canon Brings Bucket-Shaped Selphy CP770 to US

It was one of those wacky things we thought might not make it to the US but sure enough it has: Canon's CP770 Selphy printer lives, hermit-crab like, inside a bucket. Details of the thing are after the jump, but the US price is $150. Canon also announced the CP760, which as you can see in the gallery is not as cute,… » 5/13/08 9:04am 5/13/08 9:04am

Canon's Printer-in-a-Bucket Selphy CP770 is One For The Kids

Canon's new dye-sublimation photo printer is a departure from the boring old box designs: it's basically a bucket, and is aimed at kids. The bucket part unclips, and is supposed to store wires and accessories rather than sand and a collection of worms. The printer itself is designed for easy operation, with big… » 5/07/08 4:33am 5/07/08 4:33am