Watch Apple's New Videos With All the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Details

Apple's budget iPhone 5C is really real and it comes in a bevy of colors with holey cases that look like Connect 4 game boards. It is essentially the same phone as the iPhone 5 when it comes to specs, with a plastic back rather than an aluminum one. Here you can see Jony Ive talk details on the "beautifully,… »9/10/13 3:11pm9/10/13 3:11pm

Why That Budget iPhone Might Not (And Shouldn't) Be So Budget After All

The specter of a cheaper iPhone has haunted analyst and fanboy dreams for months. Years, in some cases. But making the healthy assumption that Apple does release a less expensive iPhone in the next few months, it's worth taking a second to remember that "cheaper" doesn't necessarily mean "cheap." Especially when… »7/17/13 12:34pm7/17/13 12:34pm