DST Bug Means European iPhone Owners Are Waking Up One Hour Later Today

You'd think Apple would've fixed the daylight saving alarm clock failure after Australian and Kiwi iPhone owners overslept by an hour last month. Europeans are facing similar wrath from their employers today, with the bug occurring on existing alarm settings. » 11/01/10 5:20am 11/01/10 5:20am

Intel Swears That It's Gonna Stop Its Firmware From Bricking Any More…

A few weeks ago, Intel pulled a firmware update the day after it came out because many users running 64-bit Windows 7 found that it bricked their SSDs. Whoops. The good news though is that Intel has acknowledged and replicated the bug and is working on a fix. The bad news? There's no timeline for when the fix will come … » 11/06/09 7:00pm 11/06/09 7:00pm