iPhone 2.1 Update Coming Friday: Less Call Drops, Crashes, Faster Sync,…

We were hoping for it, and it looks as though will actually get the iPhone 2.1 update on Friday. Word is that the free update will "fix a lot of bugs." Expect less call drops, crashes, better battery life, and a faster sync » 9/09/08 1:54pm 9/09/08 1:54pm (thank God). Still no copy and paste though. Bumnmer. Current owners will have to spend…

iTunes Support Store: iPhone App Crashes Fixed

Good news, iPhone users! Looks like Apple has finally fixed that 2.0 app crashing problem. One Gizmodo reader received an email last night from the iTunes Support Store with instructions for redownloading applications you've already bought (for free, of course) and was given a $15 gift certificate for his troubles!… » 8/23/08 11:45am 8/23/08 11:45am

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.2 Test Builds Seeded to Developers

After all the gushing about Mac OS X Leopard has died down, now it's time for some reality, namely, bug fixes in the form of OS X 10.5.2. According to Apple Insider, test builds of this update were seeded to developers, and that distribution included a 76-item list of fixes and code corrections thus far. » 12/20/07 12:28pm 12/20/07 12:28pm

Rumor has…

iTunes 7.5 Released, Download it Now

Just as we expected, iTunes 7.5 was released to the masses today, but you can stop your mind from wandering because there's not a whole lot of excitement surrounding the release. The headliner is an interactive music game called Phase for iPod nano (third generation), iPod classic, and iPod (fifth generation). But the… » 11/06/07 8:25am 11/06/07 8:25am

TiVo Series3 Software Update Rolling Out Now

That long-promised a software update 8.1 for the TiVo Series3, which was originally slated for a late 2006 release, is finally beginning to roll out. The bad news is there's still no TiVoToGo or multi-room viewing available in the HDTV PVR from TiVo. However, the latest update does include TiVoCast capability that… » 2/13/07 2:25pm 2/13/07 2:25pm