Bug Labs Build-Your-Own-Gadget System 2.0: Hello, Android

BUG 2.0, the second version of Bug Labs' Lego set for hardware hobbyists, is here, and it's two things the first one wasn't: blazing fast—and powerful as a Droid, to be specific—and ready for Android. » 2/15/10 8:21am 2/15/10 8:21am

Bug Labs Releases Wi-Fi Base at Last

When Bug Labs, the open source gadget hardware kit launched almost two years ago, we had one complaint. Its main base lacked built-in Wi-Fi. Today the Bug guys are changing that with the BUGbase WiFi. » 9/22/09 1:00pm 9/22/09 1:00pm

Quake Running on Bug Labs' BUG (About Time)

I guess this is it: Bug Labs' BUG has graduated from weird modular little thingie with not much use for most to weird modular little thingie with not much use for most but plays Quake. » 1/27/09 8:40pm 1/27/09 8:40pm

Bug Labs QWERTY Module Prototype Deemed QWERTYy

We had a quick hands-on with a prototype of the upcoming Bug Labs QWERTY module. The keys were tiny, requiring fingernail presses, but overall it felt pretty solid with firm buttons resistant to mistypes. » 1/09/09 1:10pm 1/09/09 1:10pm

Bug Labs Open Source Gadgets Getting Pico Projector, 3G modules and More

Bug Labs, the system of open source gadget building blocks, is getting pico projector, speaker, 3G, combo Bluetooth/WiFi and a 802.15.4 radio module. » 1/07/09 2:24pm 1/07/09 2:24pm

Bug Labs' Modular Gadget System Gets New Add-On, BUGvonHippel

In the first expansion of the original four modules for the build-your-own-tech Bug system, the BUGvonHippel gives an open input board for connecting just about any sensor or interface imaginable to your Bug creation. » 12/22/08 10:45am 12/22/08 10:45am

Bug Labs Store Launches Monday, Minus Wi-Fi

Bug Labs, the open source gadget hardware kit, will go on sale on Monday at around noon EST. But without Wi-Fi. Getting reliable open source Wi-Fi drivers in the base unit has been problematic, so they're launching without it in a special HiroP unit, named after the main character in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.… » 1/18/08 6:21pm 1/18/08 6:21pm

Bug Labs Open Source Do-It-Yourself Gadget Gets a Hacking I/O Module,…

Those Bug Labs open source modular gadgets—the ones that you can buy in pieces and build your own gadget with—have just gotten pricing and availability details. They're also announcing a Von Hippel module, which allows an I/O interface so you can "further" hack your BUG. If you buy the modules in the first 60 days,… » 1/05/08 3:00pm 1/05/08 3:00pm

Bug Labs SDK Now Available

For those who can't wait to get their hands on the actual Bug Labs hardware, the Dragonfly SDK is now available for download with virtual hardware, so you can start working on your own apps and genius implementations for the hardware. [Bug Blogger] » 12/21/07 7:15pm 12/21/07 7:15pm

The Bug Labs Concept Interview

As cool as we find the whole modular open-source electronics concept that Bug Labs has conjured up, we share some of the confusion and curiosity that you do about how this baby's gonna fly. We sat down with CEO Peter Semmelhack and, in addition to giving us the first look at the powered-on Bug itself, he answered some… » 11/19/07 11:51pm 11/19/07 11:51pm

First Video: Bug Labs Powers Up Its Modular Open-Source Device

Today, for the first time, Bug Labs CEO Peter Semmelhack is showing off a genuine powered-up prototype of the modular, open-source consumer-electronics device. Want a camera? Snap it on. Want GPS? Go for it. Here you see him attaching touchscreen LCDs, motion sensor, camera, 3G wireless LAN and GPS. It's powered up,… » 11/19/07 3:28pm 11/19/07 3:28pm

First Look at Bug Labs Hardware (Video and Gallery)

Bug Labs and their open source hardware might make building gadgets as easy as stacking lego bricks. Here's the first time we've seen the hardware live and we were lucky enough to have founder Peter Semmelhack walk us through the gear, module by module. Below, there's a gallery walkthrough of the parts. [Bug Labs on… » 11/01/07 7:19pm 11/01/07 7:19pm

The Bug Labs SDK

Everyone's interested in the hardware in Bug Labs, but no one's thought to ask what the SDK'll be like. AS we've learned from the PS3 and iPhone, hardware can be better with solid software tools for developers. In this video, Peter Semmelhack, founder, explains how the Bug Labs components speak to one another, why… » 11/01/07 2:49pm 11/01/07 2:49pm

Bug Labs Gadgets Better Than a Blackberry?

No. Peter Semmelhack explains why his open source gadget hardware will never be as lean and mean of an email chucking machine as the Blackberry. The BB's about doing a few things particularly well, while his hardware is meant to stimulate the brain and live up to your imaginative hacking plans. Like legos, they're… » 10/31/07 10:20pm 10/31/07 10:20pm

Bug Labs Interview: Why Open Source Hardware When Open Software Is So…

I sat down with Peter Semmelhack, CEO of Bug labs, to talk about his open source hardware gadgets. My first question for him was why open source hardware when open source software is so powerful and easier to implement? His answer explained how Bug Labs should anticipate the innovative hacks (like Lego Mindstorm), but… » 10/25/07 7:43pm 10/25/07 7:43pm

Bug Labs: First Look at the Hardware Designs

The first renderings of the final hardware cases for Bug Labs open source gadget platform are up on their website. As you can see it's really coming along since the last time we got a look at it. It's looking halfway decent now, although a little clunkier than I would have expected. It will be interesting to see how… » 10/08/07 7:47pm 10/08/07 7:47pm

Bug Labs Website BUGbase and Module Hardware Details

Details of Bug Labs and their open source gadget hardware just hit their public website. The BUGbase is the foundation of every project you'd piece together, includes an ARM1136JF-S-based processor running Linux, 128MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, USB Ethernet and a small LCD with buttons. » 8/28/07 1:10pm 8/28/07 1:10pm


First Look at the Bug Labs Open Source Hardware

Phil Torrone went to a NYC event for Bug Labs where they unveiled the first of their component, open-source hardware for DIY gadgets. More photos over at Make. [Make] » 8/15/07 3:35am 8/15/07 3:35am

Bug Labs Plans Open Source DIY Gadget Hardware

Ryan at Engadget has a great post about Bug Labs, a company planning to release DIY gadget hardware in the form of modular screens, QWERTY, GPS, Wifi/Bluetooth radios (sorry, no cellular radios). This could be the beginning of a gadget world that could be as open, and sometimes messy, as the PC one. [Bug Labs via … » 7/31/07 5:11pm 7/31/07 5:11pm