Bug Labs Open Source Do-It-Yourself Gadget Gets a Hacking I/O Module, Pricing

Those Bug Labs open source modular gadgets—the ones that you can buy in pieces and build your own gadget with—have just gotten pricing and availability details. They're also announcing a Von Hippel module, which allows an I/O interface so you can "further" hack your BUG. If you buy the modules in the first 60 days,… »1/05/08 3:00pm1/05/08 3:00pm

First Video: Bug Labs Powers Up Its Modular Open-Source Device

Today, for the first time, Bug Labs CEO Peter Semmelhack is showing off a genuine powered-up prototype of the modular, open-source consumer-electronics device. Want a camera? Snap it on. Want GPS? Go for it. Here you see him attaching touchscreen LCDs, motion sensor, camera, 3G wireless LAN and GPS. It's powered up,… »11/19/07 3:28pm11/19/07 3:28pm

Bug Labs Interview: Why Open Source Hardware When Open Software Is So Powerful By Itself?

I sat down with Peter Semmelhack, CEO of Bug labs, to talk about his open source hardware gadgets. My first question for him was why open source hardware when open source software is so powerful and easier to implement? His answer explained how Bug Labs should anticipate the innovative hacks (like Lego Mindstorm), but… »10/25/07 7:43pm10/25/07 7:43pm