"John Mayer Here" Works, Gets Direct Apple Reply to Anyone

Hey Guys,

John Mayer here.

I just wanted to tell you that if you mention my name in your Mac OS X software crash report, it seems that there are real chances of you getting a direct reply from Apple Support, just like it happened to me. A Gizmodo reader did it and he got a reply straight away from the good people at… »4/12/08 10:00am4/12/08 10:00am


Steve Jobs' Music Poster Boy Reports iTunes Problem, Wonders If Apple Spies Him

John Mayer is the guitarist who sometimes closes Apple events with a small gig (he comes right after you turn off the Quicktime broadcast to check the Apple Store), and Steve Jobs' favorite music poster boy this side of Bob Dylan. Last week, Mayer contacted Apple about a problem with iTunes using the bug reporting… »3/24/08 9:20pm3/24/08 9:20pm