All Your Baby Needs To Know Can Be Learned From These Star Wars Blocks 

Given how vast the Star Wars universe has become it's no surprise that finding an object or character for every letter of the alphabet wasn't that difficult a task. And if you're one of the thousands of fans lucky enough to be attending the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, next week, you'll actually have… »4/08/15 7:27pm4/08/15 7:27pm

Build Yourself Some Bots With Tegu's Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Some would say simple building blocks didn't need improving, but Tegu's idea to add hidden magnets to help hold creations together was genius. And while kids have always been able to use Tegu's blocks to build robots and other high-tech toys with enough imagination, a handful of new sets with added graphics makes it… »12/02/14 4:00pm12/02/14 4:00pm

Steel Spheres Give These Magnetic Building Block Robots Even More Life

With the goal of giving kids the ability to easily design and build their own robotic creations, a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University came up with the idea for a series of technology-packed building blocks they called Cubelets that became complex robots when assembled. Those researchers went on to… »11/07/13 8:00am11/07/13 8:00am

Architectural Building Blocks For Aspiring Frank Lloyd Wrights

Your typical set of building blocks can be used to create castles, forts, cabins, and an unlimited number of structures that require a healthy dose of imagination to identify. But ArchiBlox come in a wide array of shapes and sizes that let aspiring builders construct true architectural masterpieces that are instantly… »8/09/12 12:40pm8/09/12 12:40pm