A New Material Uses the Cold Darkness of Outer Space To Cool Your House

In today's awesomely brutal-sounding material science news, Stanford engineers have created a building material that exploits that "cold darkness of the Universe" to cool itself—even when the sun is shining. Stanford calls it a "cosmic fridge," and it could replace air conditioning. » 11/03/14 11:48am 11/03/14 11:48am

The Lattice of Tubes Covering This Building Are a Natural AC System

If you have ever sweated through a summer in the city, you can thank those skyscrapers all around. Tall buildings trap heat that create urban heat islands. But what if you could create a building that cools the city instead? A building skin made of a series of tubes with evaporating rainwater can do just that. » 7/22/14 3:48pm 7/22/14 3:48pm

10 Houses Built From Unlikely Materials

James May's Lego abode may be shaping up to be spectacular, but he's far from the first person to build a house out of something novel. Here are ten more amazing homes with, shall we say, unorthodox constituents. » 8/31/09 6:40pm 8/31/09 6:40pm

Self-Mending Concrete Bends Like Rubber, Heals Like Flesh

It can be bent into a U-shape, "heals" cracks with nothing more than rainwater, and is strong enough to build bridges from. Is Victor Li's composite building material really even concrete anymore? » 5/06/09 5:55am 5/06/09 5:55am