Ice Cream Company Gives Away 10,000 Frozen iPods Inside Popsicles

Click to viewAfter decades of popsicle promotions that included prizes printed on the stick, Brazilian ice-cream company Kibon has taken it to a new level by including the actual prize inside the popsicle: they will manufacture 10,000 specially made propsicles, identical in size and color to the actual thing, frozen… »12/12/07 3:20pm12/12/07 3:20pm

Heart-Shaped, Wireless Vibrating Panty Insert - Whee!

No Valentines gift this year helps you to better say "I'm completely and totally clueless as to who you are and what gets you off sexually" than the Panty Pal, a vibrating, heart shaped insert that promises to slip discretely into your lady-friend's panties and vibrates her lady-parts oh-so-vigorously. In reality,… »2/05/07 3:27pm2/05/07 3:27pm