Bullseye Extinquisher, Useful in Fake Fire

The Bullseye Extinguisher Training System is a practicing system made for those who aren't so sure about their mad extinguisher skillz. A digital panel responds to a laser emitting from the extinguisher, assumable responding just as a real flame would to a real flame extinguisher. We're not sure what it costs, though… » 9/15/07 10:30am 9/15/07 10:30am

Sony Aims for the Masses With Target-Exclusive Bravias

Even if Target isn't so cozy with Sony as to sell Blu-Ray as its exclusive HD player, they're buddy-buddy enough that Target's selling some exclusive Bravia LCD sets through Target.com. Both are 720p, with the 26-inch model going for $800, and the 32-inch for $900; they'll also be available in-store next month. » 8/18/07 2:42pm 8/18/07 2:42pm