Mike Huckabee Half-Heartedly Defends His Cinnamon Pill Cure For Diabetes

If you’re looking for garbage health advice, there are quite a few people to turn to: Dr. Oz, The Food Babe, and... Mike Huckabee? Yes, presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee has been peddling garbage supplements that are supposed to help cure diabetes. And he was on Face the Nation yesterday where he defended against … » 5/11/15 2:21pm 5/11/15 2:21pm

15 Ridiculous Headlines From The Dr. Oz Show's Website

Dr. Oz is in hot water over his promotion of garbage weight loss cures and anti-GMO fearmongering. His defense? The doctor claims his widely popular TV program “isn’t a medical show.” Which, if you ignore the fact that he often wears scrubs and has the word doctor right there in his show’s title, might have some truth… » 4/29/15 3:29pm 4/29/15 3:29pm

Doctors Ask Columbia University to Fire Dr. Oz Because He's Full of Shit

Dr. Oz is full of shit. He peddles garbage advice on his garbage TV show. And that's not just my opinion. It's science! Science which tells us that Dr. Oz gives advice that's baseless or wrong about half the time. But now his peers in the medical community are speaking out. » 4/16/15 1:40pm 4/16/15 1:40pm

Nine true facts that sound made up but are actually completely true

Sometimes things sound real but are completely fake. Those fake facts are just so convenient sounding and come perfectly wrapped in a bow tie that they spread like a disease. And then there are other facts that sound like complete made up bullshit but are actually real. Those are the scary ones. The shared souls over… » 2/05/14 11:34pm 2/05/14 11:34pm

Scientists Race to Develop Political Bullshit Detector, All Dials…

New Scientist today is summarzing » 9/18/08 10:30am 9/18/08 10:30am the world of political spin detection software-behavioral scientist Paul Ekman claims he can analyze a speech's text for words that indicate untruths and deception. Others look to analyze the tenor of the voice, and facial recognition to spot lies is becoming more of a reality. But…

Dreamliner's Carbon Composite Body Unsafe? Wired Science Calls Bullshit

We told you the other day about Dan Rather's TV blather about how the Boeing 787 Dreamliner "could be unsafe" because of its carbon composite airframe, but now there are lots of experts disagreeing with that report. Aaron Rowe at Wired Science calls it "a cheap shot at Boeing," and chides the mainstream news media for… » 9/21/07 9:42am 9/21/07 9:42am

Cow Pie Clock is What All Gadgets Would Be if the Midwest Ran the World

I'm not even sure what to say about this one. The Cow Pie Clock is a clock and, well, it's made out of real cow shit. Yes, a pure, 100% authentic pile of Utah cow droppings with a clock mounted on it. If you're disgusting and/or insane, you can buy one online for $40-$50. Just look how happy this lady is with hers!… » 7/16/07 4:15pm 7/16/07 4:15pm