BumBot Creator Running for Atlanta Mayor, BumBot to Be Deputy Mayor

Remember Rufus Terrill and his BumBot? Well, the crazy bastard is running for mayor of Atlanta now on an anti-bum platform. And yes, he still has that robot. [The Awl] » 8/18/09 9:50am 8/18/09 9:50am

Video: BumBot, the Homeless-Fighting Robocop

When the sun goes down in Rufus Terrill's neighborhood, criminals and vagrants swarm in like Night of the Living Homeless. You remember when we first told you about BumBot, the solution contrived by the former DoD contractor. "If it wasn't chasing criminals, it'd be fighting Osama bin Laden." Granted, it's only… » 4/25/08 1:24am 4/25/08 1:24am

Homemade "BumBot" Wages War on Riff-Raff

Believe it or not, Rufus Terrill, owner of a downtown Atlanta bar named O'Terrills, has had it with the drug dealers, vandals, and other riff-raff that frequent the area around his business. So, he has done what any sane American man would do in this situation—build a robot out of a meat smoker to lay down the law.… » 2/25/08 5:00pm 2/25/08 5:00pm