Star Wars '83, Star Wars '05, Star Wars '12

Star Wars, circa 1983: Full of incredible models, unprecedented effects, and general techno-wonder. Star Wars, circa 2005: Boring, plastic, and heartless. Star Wars, circa 2012: Boring, plastic, heartless and blurry. Fuck. [Reddit] » 10/06/10 8:20pm 10/06/10 8:20pm

Kinect Will Require 6 to 8 Feet of Open Space

If you don't want your living room flailing to be in vain this November, plan on moving your coffee table—leaked manual pages show that Kinect's camera requires 6 to 8 feet of clear space to function. [Kotaku] » 10/06/10 11:53am 10/06/10 11:53am

Old AppleTVs Won't Get Netflix, Or Any of the New Software

Ars got the official word from an Apple spokesperson: there will be no new software update for old AppleTVs. That means no sexy Netflix, though you'll be able to keep on buying movies and TV shows instead of renting. [Ars] » 9/02/10 12:00pm 9/02/10 12:00pm