Inside a World War II Bunker Turned Massive Underground Farm

Last week, we wrote about a project in London that sounds straight up apocalyptic: A massive underground farm inside a 60-year-old bunker, originally built to protect Londoners from Nazi bombs. Now, we have video—and it's every bit as spooky as you'd think. » 2/17/14 9:40am 2/17/14 9:40am

Swedish Nuclear Bunker Transmogrified Into Data Center Fit For Bond

This must take the record for the trippiest data-center build anywhere, ever: It's an old nuclear bunker 30 meters below central Stockholm, and its new conversion for one of Sweden's biggest ISPs has made it truly 007 » 11/14/08 9:45am 11/14/08 9:45am-worthy. Check it: it has simulated daylight, greenhouses and waterfalls, there're German submarine…