Bourbon Chocolate Bunnies: Make Your Easter Basket Boozy

Easter egg hunts were fine and good when you were a kid and sugar was the only rush you needed. But it's time to set the Peeps aside. It's time to get drunk the Easter way. » 4/20/14 8:00pm 4/20/14 8:00pm

Airport Lingerie Woman Posed for Playboy In 1997

Another mystery solved: The black-laced blonde bombshell protagonist of the most stupid and surreal TSA action to date posed naked for Playboy in 1997. No kidding. The surgeon was really a Playboy bunny, and here's the proof. » 12/02/10 11:10am 12/02/10 11:10am

Special Ops Bunnies Are Watching You

We have a weakness for The Oatmeal's comics around here, but we just discovered that he makes insanely adorable, rather geeky, and slightly creepy shirts. At least that's the only way I can sum up these fluffy-tailed spies. [The Oatmeal] » 10/13/10 1:20am 10/13/10 1:20am

Google Homepage Now Allows Custom Backgrounds

We've heard that Google was testing custom homepage backgrounds, but the feature is now live. Yes, it's probably not really all that useful and simply imitating Bing's backgrounds, but at least it can make your day a bit lovelier. » 6/10/10 12:23am 6/10/10 12:23am

Cute Furry Bunny USB Webcam Hides Your True Motivations

This bunny USB webcam looks just like a normal stuffed bunny at first glance (if you ignore the USB cable coming out of his ass), which is perfect for whatever clandestine recording opportunities you're setting up in front of your computer. Of course, there are much easier ways of secretly documeting things than… » 11/05/08 7:20pm 11/05/08 7:20pm

Osaka Police To Use Bunny-Shaped Police Lights, Send Fugitives Into…

The Osaka Police Purchased 800 of these lights for use on special patrol cars that cruise through school zones. Pink Tentacle says these are made to win the hearts of school kids as the police chase bad guys. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the NYPD would have the same luck rolling through a neighborhood like… » 10/26/07 3:09pm 10/26/07 3:09pm

Wi-Fi Bunny Opera

Remember those crazy Nabaztag Wi-Fi Bunnies that took the world by storm earlier this year? Some crazy folks have put together the Nabaz'mob opera as part of the Web Flash Festival in Paris. Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds. Follow the linkage below for a crappy video and more pictures of the opera in action. The… » 5/30/06 2:14pm 5/30/06 2:14pm

Wi-Fi Bunny 2.0: "You Are Blind and Your Dog Is Dead"

Wi-Fi Bunny technology is running rampant, reproducing itself at an alarming rate. First, it was the Wi-Fi Bunny known as Nabaztag, an ambient awareness device which notified you of incoming e-mail, heavy weather or any other variable you programmed into it. It told you of these niceties by blinking its little… » 1/25/06 2:33pm 1/25/06 2:33pm